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posted by Joseph Certaine on October 23rd, 2009 at 11:14 AM

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Most states do not single out the United States Colored Troops of the Union Army for their role in any combat engagement during the American Civil War. That is why it is incumbent upon us, as descendants of  USCT soldiers , to ensure that the legacy of our fighting ancestors is acknowledged and maintained. It is of grave importance that we contact Members of Congress especially members of the Congressional Black Caucus, to support funding for an independent series of Civil War Sesquicentennial events that will honor the role of the USCT these brave men and their officers.

It is time that the Black Soldiers of the Jubilee, who enforced the Emancipation Proclamation wherever they went, receive the thanks of the Union that they fought so bravely to preserve. All of Black America should rejoice and honor the men who had to prove themselves over and over in order to wear the uniform of the Union. They went on to distinguish themselves in bloody combat against the forces of slavery and oppression. These same men began the battle for political and civil rights and social justice once they left the battlefield. We are all in their debt and they must be honored.  Send a letter to your representative or all of the Congressional represtatives listed on the Descendants Jubilee Project website. Take a stand for our long-ago heroes. Honor them for standing up for us.

Start or join a  unit of United States Colored Troops reenactors. We can help you get started and help with uniforms and training. Do not let the 150 Anniversary Observance overlook our role in fighting for our own freedom and helping to preserve the Union. We must do this ourselves for preservation of our own history and the legacy given us by the black Soldiers of the Jubilee


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