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posted by Joseph Certaine on February 29th, 2012 at 11:45 AM

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August 2012 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania presents a glorious opportunity for the modern-day units of the United States Colored Troops and Living Historians to present historic interpretations of the black Civil War experience. The venue will be historic Fairmount Park, the largest municipal park in the United States.  The Battle of Belmont Plateau will feature all branches of the Union and Confederate Armies in a three-day Living History exercise of military and civilian,  presentations.  

This will be the largest venue ever for the USCT to show what life was like for the black Civil War soldier. The venue will include camp life, exciting battle scenarios involving civil War Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery units and civilian impressions of all types. The event is expected to attract thousands of spectators each day. it will be the absolute largest audience outside of Gettysburg and by far the most diverse. The opportunity for black living history and first person impressions of the Civil War from the black perspective, has never been more inviting.  All USCT impressions are invited and every USCT unit is invited to participate. This will be the culmionation of three years of planning. It is the only opportunity for the USCT to present itself on the battlefield to a hugely diverse urban audience numbering in the thousands each day.

Philadelphia is easy to reach and the battlefield is right off all major highways. The facilites are the best to be found anywhere and there is plenty of hotel room space for families and participants who don't want to sleep out overnight.  If any USCT re-enactor is waiting for the right opportunity to showcase the role of the black soldiers of the Jubilee, this is it.

Like you, over the years leading uo to the Civil Wqr Sesquicentennial, I have heard every excuse imaginable for why it was't convenient to take the field en-masse as a fighting force. This time there should be no excuses. Philadelphia is a USCT-friendly  big city.  There is a real hunger for inclusive American history.  There is a huge black community and a real opportunity to educate the public about the role of black troops during the American Civil War. Every military and civilian impression is welcome and bounties will be paid for  mounted cavalry and artillery pieces.  

Now is the time, to plan on coming to Philadelphia for the sake of  history.  Go to: and download the registration material.  Contact the Event Director for infomation about the site logistics, hotel space and other information.       



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