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posted by Joseph Certaine on January 23rd, 2011 at 3:57 PM

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That leaves black Americans on their own, once again,  in interpreting the history of our own involvement in a conflict that was largely about  us. That's why we must sieze this opportunity to reenact and interpret our Civil War history so that education is our primary goal. It is not enough to exchange details about fabric and recipes when the general public is not even aware of the existence of the Soldiers of the Jubilee (the USCT).

We must begin to plan events in different regions of the country that will incorporate the USCT into existing scheduled field events and to plan events where none already exist.  The general public must begin to see black Civil War soldiers as combatants in the field.  Sure,  we should support symposia and exhibits at prestigious venues but we should prioritize putting uniformed men into the field as reenactors and living historians. That is what will educate the general public and motivate people to learn more about us. It is worth much more than a series of calendars that are only distributed among ourselves.

There is no reason to shrink from planning our own  military demonstrations, rather than being called in as an afterthought to some poorly planned scenario that wasn't planned with the USCT in mind.  There is planning capability within the ranks of the USCT and there is also a collective capacity to build a schedule and execute a timetable. Let's step away from this centralized structure we currently employ and allow each region to build an events infrastructure.  Some time ago, I proposed a detailed alignment of individual states by region,  in order to build events that can be supported regionaly, especially during the recession.  That way  localized resources can be expended to support events closer to the home base of each unit and supported by manpower within each region and possibly adjacent regions.

Let's encourage support amomg ourselves for events that are easier for our friends, neighbors and families to attend and support. Why can't we concentrate on building regional and local venues that can be more easily marketed in our own communities.  We still have some time to build a USCT schedule of field events. If we think regionaly, we'll definitely be able to build a better presence of the USCT military reenactor units. Think about it and let me know what you think. 

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